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  Feb 3, 2011
Website of the Immigrant Party of Canada www.ImmigrantParty.ca has been redesigned and reopened... read more

  Dec 22, 2010
Today we are glad to announce creation of the Immigrant Party of Canada... read more

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Our Values

  • All Canadians have to be treated in an equal way regardless their nationality, age, race, place of birth, profession, or place of work.

  • All nationalities and all cultures are equal for immigration to Canada. No one can have more preferences than others.

  • Canadian laws are the same and have more priority for all Canadians regardless their ethnicity or national traditions. We came to this country and have to respect its laws and customs as well as people who built this country.

  • We support our troops but we don't really understand how they protect Canada in Afghanistan, and why Canadian soldiers have to pay their lives for some geopolitical decisions, and why Canadian taxpayers have to pay money for that.

  • Individual interests and personal freedoms have to be in more priority than anything else. Incidents during G20 summit in Toronto (June 2010) are not acceptable. We are sure Canada is not a police state.

  • Tax hiking cannot be endless. We remember income tax has been introduced in 1917 as a temporary measure but surprisingly became a permanent feature of Canadian tax system. Now Canadians pay more and more taxes and it is not acceptable. We need to reduce tax pressure to Canadians.

  • We find healthcare a big problem in Canada. Waiting time for critical and non-critical treatments often is too long. Many people experience troubles even finding a family doctor. At the same time doctors coming from other countries are not able to get a licence and practice in Canada. We pay so much taxes to support healthcare, and we expect healthcare supports us when required.

  • Canadians pay too much for car and home insurance, at the same time Canadian insurance market looks too regulated and closed for new players. We need to break the insurance monopoly and reduce insurance premiums for Canadians.

  • We believe communication markets monopolies don't allow Canadians enjoy latest technologies as people of other countries do. Cellphone plan rates in Canada are much higher than offered in many other countries. CRTC and other regulators have to act in interest of Canadians rather than fat cats.

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